About 30 years ago a 14-year old curly haired kid in Northern California, decided he wanted an electric guitar. His folks wouldn’t buy him one so naturally, he made one in 8th grade wood shop class. He played that guitar in the high school jazz band and into college as a music major. Leaving school, he followed another passion - racing. Working on motorcycles, boats, cars, anything that went fast. While building half-million dollar engines that competed and won on speedways like Indy, Daytona, Motegi, Hokenheim; he learned lessons of uncompromising attention to detail. To relieve pressure from his day job, he built a handful of guitars for himself and friends - nobody famous - just local players. He hunted down really great pieces of old wood from furniture, barns or railroad stations to use for bodies and necks. Metal parts were handmade from titanium, steel, aluminum. Experimenting with different materials and tweaking each guitar until it was perfect... Eleven Guitars was founded to continue the passionate development of the electric guitar with a reverence for the history of the instrument.


The choice of wood used for a typical electric guitar dampens or filters out some of the frequencies of the strings. While this isn’t necessarily bad, different species of wood are some of the contributors as to why a Telecaster sounds different than a Les Paul. Natural variations in the wood itself are certainly why two guitars that come off of the assembly line can be so different, even with the same construction, pick-ups and components. One can be lively and full of harmonics and another might be dead sounding with no color or musicality at all.

With skilled labor, the carbon fiber process can produce very repeatable results - Our guitar bodies are within a few grams of each other! Carbon fiber is many times stronger and about twice as stiff as steel. The stiffness is key here; making the resonant frequency of the instrument very high. The strings are allowed to vibrate more freely and with more energy. We build guitars that consistently look, play and sound like an exceptional vintage guitar with the superior structural and acoustical properties of carbon fiber.


Although we’re not the first to use carbon fiber in the industry, no one else has tried to take proven designs and apply the advantages of this material to the formula. It doesn’t make any sense to abandon what is known and start from scratch. Our long term goal is to develop carbon versions that are reminiscent of other classic electric guitar models. All of our guitars are built using craftsmen made parts. Our partners are every bit as fanatical about their contribution to each guitar as we are! We are proud to have them! The bodies are made in North Carolina along side race car parts and high tech military components. Hand wound pick-ups by Arcane Inc., are serialized to match each guitar. Hardware comes from Dale Clark at Glendale in Texas. Necks, made to our specifications, come from Guitar Mill in Tennessee. RS Guitarworks of Winchester, Kentucky, supplies our electronics. Even the anodized aluminum pick guards are made by a small company, Anotone, in Chicago. All of the assembly, set up, and nitro-cellulose finish is done by hand. Just before we ship your guitar it goes into an authentic, handmade G&G guitar case. Our friends at Zace USA in Ohio, who specialize in hand crafted denim clothing, provide one of their snap-back bandannas as well. Eleven Guitars, LLC exists to build the best guitars you can buy. We offer an unconditional guarantee on every guitar - If something goes wrong, we’ll fix it, replace it, or take it back.

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"an unconditional guarantee on every guitar – if something goes wrong, we'll fix it, replace it or take it back."



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